Sunday, October 26, 2008

road block

Once there was a small class of kindergartners coming home on the bus from their first day at school. Three of them were triplets. When the bus came to within a few blocks of their house, it came to a road block. The two brothers began to council among themselves about the possible meaning of the road block. They had come across similar road blocks in the past. They seemed to remember their father putting up a block on the stairway to protect them. They remembered when their parents put a row of chairs along the entrance to the living room to keep them from trailing mud into that room right before their dinner party. Having never come across any other blocks, they came to the conclusion that their parents must have placed the road block there themselves, to protect their children from something. The conclusion was then to simply sit on the bus, and wait for their parents to come pick them up. The sister was a little skeptical though. She didn't think that her parents would have put a roadblock up between them in such a way. She knew her parents had sent her to kindergarten and that they didn't follow her then. She had to learn important stuff in kindergarten. It didn't make sense that they would have put up a road block to keep them out. Maybe this road block was put up by someone else. Besides, she missed her mommy and wanted to show her the pretty picture she had drawn and the letters and numbers she had learned. The sister toddled out of the bus and started walking around the road block. The brothers and screamed and pointed. They told her "Daddy and Mommy are going to be SO MAD at you!"and "You don't love mommy and daddy because you DISOBEY." She had serious second thoughts. She really loved her parents and tried her very best to obey them. She only paused once or twice before walking the rest of the way home. She met her mommy and daddy at the door, showed off her pictures and her letters and numbers and gave them both big hugs. Mommy swung her around and around out in the front yard and carried her on her back. Daddy gave her the biggest hug ever and kissed her forehead. They both told her how proud they were of how much she had learned. Then mommy drove them all back in the minivan to pick up the other two.

Who loved their parents more?
Maybe they all loved them equally.