Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So here was one I had last night. I didn't really think it was particularly interesting, but then I thought about it again and thought it would be an interesting post.

So, for some reason there was a guy in front of a shopping center and he was selling like fantasy-type jewelry. (I think the store was Costco...which is probably because I went to Costco for the first time last night...and I've recently been shopping for jewelry so that makes sense in the language of dreams). Anyway, so I'm looking and looking and I only really remember like a locket, that was too expensive ( had a leaf on it). But then I saw this beautiful pin that was all "curly vines made of gold" and pearls and diamonds and stuff. It was called the Galadriel pin (like some of that Lord of the Rings commemorative jewelry), and it was something like 11 dollars ( I remember). The biggest memory I have is that there was like a little note on it that said something about how great the pin would look on a "handsome" body. I just remember standing there for a few seconds trying to figure out if this was a pin for men or women. I was really bothered because I couldn't tell if I should buy it or not, since i couldn't tell if it was for women. In the end I decided it didn't matter and bought it. I just remember this dream in particular because I woke up and was really disappointed that I hadn't actually purchased one.

Gotta love those dreams when reality and dream are blurred.

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